Driving instructors Aberdeen




My name is Adrian and I am a fully qualified driving instructor.

I am also an ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor Trainer.

Over the last few years, I have experienced that a lot of learner drivers are busy and simply do not have time to take 1 driving lessons in Aberdeen a week and spend a year on learning to drive. This sometimes stops them from having driving licence. Hence why I have put my focus on setting up a course that would allow the maximum amount of learning to take place in the shortest possible time. I have changed the way I teach and now I have stopped traditional driving lessons, so I can have 100% of my focus on intensive courses. This means that you can take your driving course in just 5 days! Over those 5 days, you will have driving lessons with me – approved driving instructor on one-to-one basis, as well as you will get access to self study materials to speed up the process.

Why should you consider doing it this way? Well, first of all as you learn day by day you are unlikely to forget as much as you would when taking regular weekly lessons. That also means that you won’t spend so much time on recapping, you can just focus on working on your driving skills. There are many driving schools Aberdeen, offering driving lessons. Most of them will offer the option of having few driving lessons per week. We work differently. Our intensive driving courses in Aberdeen are designed to last 5 days – for confident learner drivers or we have a 10 day course for people with very little experience.

Our driving courses normally start on a Monday and finish by Friday. We can normally get you a test within 5 and no more than 10 working days from course completion. We work closely with DVSA and use the trainer booker facility, which means that we can find driving test cancellations in Aberdeen much faster. However, if you already have a test booked, then that’s fine. We will work around your schedule. Our driving instructors know how to teach and they will work hard to get you to your goal. Help you pass your driving test first time and become a safe driver. But remember when it comes to the test day it is down to you, no one can offer a guaranteed pass, as sometimes the best drivers make mistakes.