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    Driving Lesson Aberdeen Tips: The Dropped Kerb

    Driving Lesson Aberdeen Tips: The Dropped Kerb  

    A dropped kerb is also called a dropped footway. It is a sloping kerb at a pavement edge which is aimed normally to help pedestrians, especially those aided with pushchairs, the disabled and the elderly who are crossing the road or to allow them to have vehicular access to parking facilities or to a driveway.

    You can see the vehicle crossover (dropped kerbs) for informative details on how to apply to have in your area this kerb to be constructed in order to give vehicular access to be able to comfortably park your vehicles on your own property. The benefits to having clear dropped kerbs are also included in the detailed information in Vehicle Crossover.

    Remember that parking across a dropped footway could be dangerous because it would cause difficulties for drivers, residents and pedestrians. Keeping the dropped kerbs clear would bring the following benefits:

    (1.)  Improved access for pedestrians using crossing facilities.
    (2.)  Essential access to crossing facilities for those using pushing buggies and wheelchairs.
    (3.)  Better sightlines for drivers and pedestrians approaching or using a dropped kerb.
    (4.)  Improved access to driveways for businesses, residents and their visitors.

    There are various rules that apply to pedestrians and motorists on single-use or shared access ways. They’re being advised not to park their vehicles across any pedestrian dropped kerbs or any other dropped footways if they’re unclear of the applied rules.

    If these motorists would do, they risk themselves being issued with a parking ticket or otherwise known as Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) from one of the Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) of Haringey. The PCN is formerly known as Parking Attendants.

    On the other hand, the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act of 2003 have enabled the Council of Haringey to take enforcement action seriously against drivers who park their vehicles in front of dropped footways. The objective of the legislation is to improve pedestrians’ access and to offer help to businesses and residents being faced with access difficulties.

    There’s a part of the legislation that provides access to single residential areas and the enforcement of which has been reliant entirely upon the occupants of the premises because the enforcement action of the authorities would depend upon the request of the concerned occupiers addressed to the council so that it would take an immediate enforcement action which they could not do in the absence of such a request.

    Business owners and residents can call the vehicle pound using this number: 07856 274 935 in order to report a vehicle that blocks their single use dropped kerb. Then a vehicle used for removal will be sent to the location of the blocked dropped footway in order to assess whether the vehicle is parked illegally and causes obstruction.

    After assessing that the parked vehicle is really blocking the dropped footway, the removal vehicle, where appropriate, will remove the car. Remember that the removal vehicles have been operational from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

    Where there’s a dropped kerb to a property with several occupiers, there’s a need to establish that the car owner isn’t visiting another property occupant within the premises because he or she might get back to the vehicle and drive out of the area, thus clearing the kerb immediately.

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