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    Driving School Aberdeen: Drivers’ Biggest Fear

    The owners of vehicles six years or more are now more worried of breaking down during a long trip compared to any other types of incidents along the way except traffic jams. Study showed that almost half or 44 % of these car owners said they worry about their vehicle breaking down during a long journey, such as going on a summer holiday in a far country.

    After learning in a driving school Aberdeen the first or biggest worry for drivers on long drives is traffic jam, which currently topped a poll of drivers’ concerns behind the steering wheel in the United Kingdom (UK).  So, only traffic jam (59 %) has been the biggest among all other concerns such as breakdown which is 44 % of drivers of older vehicles. The study had respondents totaling 2,000 drivers of vehicles aged six years or more.

    According to the study, the average age of vehicles on Britain’s roads is now seven years, yet only one in every six owners has assistance on the roadside in case a breakdown will happen. It’s because many car owners or 56 % are more inclined to pack a picnic lunch rather than investing their money for breakdown cover. So there’s no immediate assistance can be expected to arrive during a breakdown.

    The study further revealed that most drivers or 82 % of them will check if they have enough fuel for their every journey, while 65 % will check their tyres and 64 % will clean their windscreen before taking to a long journey. Only half or 56 % will bother themselves to check their engine’s coolant level whilst 37 % of drivers will make sure all of the lights of their vehicles are working.

    The third bigger worry for drivers or car owners on long journeys in the summer is whether their cars are safely loaded with luggage. This only accounts to a third of car owners or 30 %  of them who are bothered to make sure their cars are safe with luggage load.

    Europcar UK Group which conducted the study, said that it’s clear from its research that a break down in a long journey is the second major concern for drivers or car owners, however it seems that many of them take long trips in still older vehicles without doing any of the basic vehicle maintenance checks.

    On the other hand, the study also revealed that it’s just only over a third or 37% of drivers said they have checked if all the light bulbs of their cars are working before taking to a long journey. It’s in a lower level among all concerns despite its being a legal requirement on UK road network.

    So, the Europcar has been suggesting an alternative option for holidaymakers – the car hire with the firm’s running fleets of cars which are less than eight months old and they’re superbly in running condition according to the standard of having covered by roadside assistance.

    So, the study has listed the top 10 travel worries for car drivers of vehicles older than six years: (1.) Traffic and congestion (2.) Breaking down (3.) Having an accident (4.) Getting lost (5.) Driving in bad weather (6.) Driving when tired (7.) Arriving on time (8.) Keeping the kids occupied (9.) Running out of fuel (10.) Getting back pain.

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