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    Enhancing Young Driver’s Road Safety in UK

    Huge changes should be undertaken to the way driving a vehicle and road safety measures are being taught by driving instructors Aberdeen in order to effectively engage with modern young people in the United Kingdom (UK).

    This is according to the opinion stressed by Goodyear Tyres UK, which has recently announced an ambitious project using children’s computer coding knowledge in enhancing road safety education.

    Goodyear Tyres UK is the company which already runs a driving academy for pre-driving-age pupils or students across Britain in order to give them a head-start in controlled and safe conditions.

    However today, it’s set to use an app of smartphone being designed by a 17-year-old that creates what it’s hoped to be an educational competition amongst children. Using the Google Maps, the app will allow students to play a driving game in their local area and compete with each other.

    This will be a great attraction to the children as they’ll be amused by the type of game in the computer as driving a vehicle in a game has been instinctively attractive to the kids ever since computer games had been invented. It has been anchored to the fact that kids have the instinct much inclined to play cars and driving.

    The game has also featured some up-to-date concerns such as serious distractions which is posed by the latest mobile technology, manifesting that the standard theory test of the government deals with quite poorly as reflected by its current results. A part of the argument of Goodyear is that a simple “Don’t use it.” isn’t substantially convincing or persuasive enough to the current learners’ generation.

    With drivers aged 17 to 19  involved in 12 % of all fatal road accidents in Britain, early driving education has now become a vital part of an unofficial road safety policy in the UK. So, in keeping this policy up for more serious implementation, so many lives of our young motorists will be saved.

    Goodyear Tyres UK Public Relations Manager Kate Rock said that tapping the technological advances of the young generation is a key towards improving safety education across all industries in the UK.

    She added that road safety education is no different and risks reduction efforts are being left behind if we don’t adopt the modern ways such as computer games that children are currently choosing to learn.”

    She also said that today children are far more advanced technologically than twenty years ago, and yet education about driving for the pre-driver age group has remained stagnant. So, to make an impact, we definitely need to modernise our way of teaching the younger generation.

    This strategy obviously intends to put an end to the apprehensions and worry of some parents that too much exposure to computer games will divert their kids’ attention onto the less important matters of their study. However, if we would all stay in this mindset, a considerable gap would be developed bringing us far from the realities of modern times.

    This is now breaking the parents’ worries because the objective of the game and driving instructors Aberdeen is actually gaining knowledge for saving their own lives at wheel as they will become safe and responsible drivers in the future.

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