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    High-Mileage Drivers in UK Urged to Slow Down

    High-mileage car drivers in the United Kingdom (UK) are the most likely to put in their mind that speed cameras have only little or no influence on reducing road fatalities, according to a new study on driving lessons Aberdeen.

    A study was recently carried out by the Drive and Survive (DAS) Division of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). They surveyed hundreds of motorists who have travelled more than 13,000 miles per year, and they’ve found that 27 % of these drivers believe that speed cameras have not benefited road safety in the UK.

    In comparison, there are only 20 % of drivers in Britain who drive at a medium speed of 3,000 to 12,999 miles per year and 16 % who drive at a low speed of 2,999 miles and less every year who believe that speed cameras are not benefitting road safety.

    There is also some 60 % of the high-mileage drivers in the UK, who are always driving as part of their job, opined that there are other possible reasons why speed cameras are installed anywhere such as being motivated to make money for the police forces or for local authorities.

    As this developed, the IAM has been linking these high-mileage drivers’ attitudes to what it has believed has caused greater tendency for them to break the speed limit on the road and motorways.

    So, it has become obvious that because they don’t anymore believe in the benefits or usage of the speed cameras plus their being doubtful of the government authorities’ honesty or possible money-making, they become law breakers. However this reasoning is just up to the level of immaturity as unconfirmed or still to be proven analysis have become the basis of doing the offence.

    In Spring, the IAM had undertaken a separate study, and it discovered that 86 % of fleet operators in the UK have an accident report amongst their ranks in the past year.

    Chief Executive Officer Sarah Sillars of IAM said that it has become clear that there’s a huge task to be done in effectively convincing high-mileage drivers see the importance of speed cameras as well as the speed limit measures in order for them to reduce overspeeding.

    Whilst we have learned from driving lessons Aberdeen that speeding is not the only cause of road accidents resulting to deaths  and injuries, but it’s one of the major causes.

    On the other hand, the IAM has opined that employers need to work together with their employees in order to make sure that they appreciate the part that they play in making our roads in the UK safer and more convenient for all the road users.

    The IAM further revealed that the figures that they have found have shown the great extent to which high-mileage and company drivers have been involved in fatal road accidents. Therefore, the IAM stressed that this educational task needs to be done sooner rather than later so that in doing so, many lives will be saved on the UK roads as more road accidents will be prevented.

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