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    Driving Lessons Aberdeen: Car Makers Ask for Flexibility on Euro6 Standards

    Driving lessons Aberdeen news: Car makers across the globe are now asking the European Union (EU) regulators to lower the Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emission targets for new vehicles beginning the year 2020.

    The appeal has been prompted as the car industry has admitted that car makers cannot in any way meet the 2020 diesel pollution targets. Instead they have proposed that the Euro 6 limits under the new tests will be doubled, sources from the Auto Express said.

    On the other hand, a EU insider also revealed that the ACEA or European Automobile Manufacturers Association is currently asking for 1.7 “Conformity Factor” which means that cars will be given Euro 6 status for emitting 0.136 gram per kilometre (g/km) of NOx beginning the year 2020.

    Sources said, the policymakers are currently planning a zero-tolerance approach on the 0.080 g/km Euro 6 limit beginning 2020, however they have agreed to enforce some softer regulations which will be in place for the years 2017 to 2020 to be done in a two-phase implementation.

    However, the EU insider said the ACEA is determined to push this further by asking for compliance for vehicles emitting Nox which is 2.75 times higher than the Euro 6 limits. This must be done during the first three-year period of implementation. The 2.75 higher from the Euro 6 limits is actually equal to 0.220 g/km which would not even meet the Euro 5 legislation.

    The source also said the ACEA feels this battle it is currently facing is a US conspiracy against the European diesel car makers. It came obvious as its demands had come behind closed-door meeting on October 1, 2015 which is ahead of the emission tests of the RDE or Real-World Driving Emissions that will be officially introduced on January 1, 2016.

    However, this will only be for monitoring purposes in its first year of implementation. From the year 2017, the RDE will be used only for new type approval vehicles in Euro 6 compliance tests. And then all new vehicles sold in the European Union in 2018 should pass the RDE tests.

    The ACEA has defended its current position by saying that in order to push what would be the right conformity factor, it needs the full package of the RDE. The car industry isn’t in a position to confirm what it must be.

    So, the question now lies on what might every concerned citizen think of the car manufacturers that ask for flexibility on Euro6 standards? Expect and learn more opinions or comments as the issue looms across the Europen Union soon.

    On the other hand, Clean Vehicles Officer Julia Poliscanova of “Transport & Environment,” a campaign group involving itself in the technical Euro 6 discussion, revealed that the progress on the decision making about the finer workings had been made slow.

    Poliscanova said it is just simply unacceptable that the car industry, instead of meeting the standard on the road and having concentration on fitting the right technology, it is still busy to weaken the law, so it could concentrate instead on manipulating the emission tests.

    The result of this current battle has been going this way that the best low emission green vehicles have been on favourable sale right now.

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