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    Why do I have to learn maneuevers? Driving Lessons Aberdeen

    Driving Lessons Aberdeen – test maneuveres.

    Why do I have to learn maneuveres? Can I not just drive? Can I pick my maneuever during driving test?


    Let’s start with basics. Many students ask, why do they have to learn how to reverse around a corner,

    or carry out bay park. They suggest that they won’t do it after they pass their driving test anyway!

    Well, the answer is very simple.

    Imagine yourself in a busy store car park, or just parked in town. You will often find another vehicle very close by.

    You will often find another pedestrians walking around you, possibly while you are about to reverse.

    Think about speed. How fast would you like to drive your car during reversing, while there are other vehicles around,

    pedestrians and plenty of other hazards?

    Well, the only way to achieve this slow speed is to master clutch control.

    When taking your driving lessons Aberdeen, you will carry out different excercises to help you master this skill.

    One of the best excercises for this are maneueveres. Simply, we are looking to master your clutch control, so that you can handle the car while driving or reversing at slow speed. At the same time, we work on your awareness.

    It’s no good if you don’t spot another vehicle oncoming, or a pedestrian. So we will work with you, to help you master these.

    The main purpose of test maneuevers, is to make sure that you can control the car at slow speed, and you are aware of what is going on around you during those.

    Can I pick my maneuveres during driving test?


    No, unfortunately you need to carry out the maneuevere picked by the driving examiner. There are 4 test maneuveres.

    Those involved:

    • reverese around the corner
    • parallel park
    • bay park
    • turn in the road


    All of these will be practiced with you instructor, while taking driving lessons Aberdeen.