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    Smartphone Apps for Passing the Driving Test

    In this piece, we have to answer a good question especially intended for learner drivers. It goes: Which of the three driving theory test apps of smartphone is best suited for learning how to pass?

    These smartphone theory test apps would be easy to learn on the go even if you are still young and eagerly learning how to drive a car or even if you are already an old man or woman behind the steering wheel.

    Remember that it does not hurt to refresh your good memory and take a vital note of any significant changes to the driving theory test apps to often keep you and the other drivers and road users as safe as possible.


    So, the following are the things that you need to know about the driving theory test apps. There are three of the leading apps and you can compare them through their offered features, like hazard perception, help and instructions and progress analysis. You can also compare these apps through the following (1.) graphical style (2.) price, and (3.) ease of usage.

    The renowned “Focus Multimedia” has developed this package of driving theory test apps in such a way that would indeed offer the learner driver a resounding driving test success. The simple interface and clear presentation would not only give you plenty of choice in your own way of learning but they would also verify your comprehension more regularly compared to the other two.


    Then it would also suit to the way you live by paying just more than £1.99 of the basic software. Just remember that the easiest to read is the black text on a white background. However, none of the theory test apps would allow you to change the text size, which is frustrating in some instances.

    There is a clearer graphical analysis and the section of hazard perception section is more helpful to point out the various hazards in the replay of the video. This package which is valued at £4.99 also includes the Highway Code. The “Pick and Mix” approach would also offer learner drivers more flexibility on their revision as it contains the series of apps.


    Then, there are top tips for passing the practical driving test. One recommendation you may follow is to have the official Driver and Vehicle Standard Authority (DVSA) theory test kit at £4.99  or £7.99 including the Highway Code.


    There’s a great deal of information packed into a neat with the official DVSA app. It has a clearer interface. So, the users could choose how they will learn and if they upgrade that includes the Highway Code, they could link off to some regulations which are more appropriate when you need them.


    The hazard perception has been included in the price of  £4.99 and it really emulates the real driving test. Even if there’s some inconsistent wording, it sometimes assumes good understanding of language which is more advantageous to the reader.
    There is also the AA app which is the cheapest among them. It would run you with the mock test or some questions to be answered,  however there is no element of hazard perception and the yellow and black brand doesn’t make the best legibility.