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    Driving Instructors Aberdeen – Top 10 Tips on finding the right one!

    Hi, my name is Adrian and I am one of the driving instructors Aberdeen! In this short article I am going to give you a few tips on finding the right driving instructors in Aberdeen.

    1. Qualification – This – seems like an obvious step. But you certainly want to ensure your driving instructor is fully qualified. The easy way to check this is by going to the this website! Choosing a fully qualified instructor, gives you the basic reassurance, that they have passed the required checks and that they have passed the required tests. The easy way to recognize a full instructors licence – is by looking for a green adi badge on their windscreen. If the badge is pink/red, they simply are a trainee. Some driving schools – use trainees, who simply learn as they teach. At the same time, they still charge you a full lesson price. This might not be the most cost effective way of learning, so please check – if the instructor is fully qualified. Please don’t confuse the PDI pink badge, with ORDIT pink badge. These two can look similar, but ORDIT badge – normally is displayed on top of the green badge. This is quite rare – it indicates, that the instructor is not only qualified to teach learners, but also qualified to teach others on how to become a driving instructor! Examples are here: https://www.dft.gov.uk/fyn/ordit.php?postcode=ab156tu
    2. Recommendations – This sometimes can be a great way of finding driving instructors Aberdeen! If a few of your friends have recommended you someone, this normally means that he has taught them and helped them achieve good results.
    3. Google – Using google, to help you find a driving instructor can be a great way. You can browse many websites, in search for the right one. Normally it’s very hard to achieve high rankings on google. So they must be long established, and they normally do things right. But – please also check their reviews before booking your driving instructors aberdeen.
    4. Facebook – Using facebook, also can be a great way of finding a driving instructor in Aberdeen. There are many driving schools using facebook, to communicate with their students, show their results and important informations. This is how you can find our one https://www.facebook.com/DrivingCoursesAberdeen/
    5. Reviews – checking out driving instructor reviews before booking is important part. It’s simply just like booking a holidays. You can use google maps, to check your driving instructor feedback. Also pay attention to how they reply to a feedback. If they receive bad review – sometimes it can be even just a mistake! But – if they receive a bad review and don’t even reply to it, then this might be something to think of. Example can be found here!
    6. Results – Please ensure you ask your driving instructor – what results they have. This can normally be found on their facebook page!
    7. Price – Price is something to seriously consider when booking your driving lessons. But rather than looking at a cheapest possible price, it’s better to do your research using the points below. Most of driving schools in Aberdeen charge an average of £28-£35 per hour. Driving instructors – normally need to keep a well maintenaned modern vehicles, have correct insurance, go through expensive training proces, to become a driving instructor and run their business. If they charge way below the average price, something might be not right. Sometimes, paying low lesson price, in the long term will cost you more, as you might need more lessons and fail your driving tests. Each attempt at a driving test is expensive.
    8. Vehicle – vehicle is something to consider when you are looking for driving instructors Aberdeen. There are instructors using different vehicles. Smaller, larger, manual, automatic and all different types. Most of instructors tend to settle for small and medium hatchbacks. Adjustable seats, help accomodate taller students etc. The basic checks you want to make, is ensure the vehicle comes with air conditioning.  Taking lessons in Summer months – even in Aberdeen 😉 with no air condition might be unpleasant experience. It’s worth asking how old the vehicle is. Generally, the newer the vehicle, the safer, more ecofriendly and more reliable it might be.
    9. Time and Location – Location is important part when taking your driving lessons. If you live in generally busier areas, that tend to be busy with traffic, it might be worth considering taking lessons in places more convenient. Consider meeting your instructor in test centre areas, or safe areas to start the lessons. It’s not beneficial if you spend 30 mins of your 1 hr lesson getting to a safe location. Time is a big factor when learning how to drive. Choosing a slot a 17:00 might mean that you will be sitting in traffic through your lesson. This might not be the most cost effective way of learning. It’s great if you can arrange different times, to give you experience in different traffic conditions. But for most of your lessons, picking a time outside of busy traffic is more beneficial. You can do more during your lesson time this way, and learn more.
    10. Technology – Using the newest technology can be beneficial when learning how to drive. Simply using a tablet during lessons can make certain things much easier to understand. Showing a difficult roundabout on a map is something that might explain more than doing it a few times. There is a lot of apps for modern tablets for driving instructors. These can make teaching and learning easier.

    Final advice – before you decide to make your a block booking, arrange a lesson with your instructor first. See how you get on together and how you find their teaching methods.

    Thanks for reading, you can find out more about the intensive driving courses in Aberdeen we do here

    Adrian Gluszko

    Driving Courses Aberdeen

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